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One of Diamond Head's best songs. Personally, their whole first album is fucking amazing. It is a true NWOBHM classic. And it really is a classic band. If you are a fan of Metallica and think their cover is better and that Diamond Head sucks, remember that one of Metallica's influences was Diamond Head and that there would not be Thrash Metal without New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.
"your in love" by Ratt. one of their bests songs in my oppinion
this may not be def leppard but it shure is one hell of a good song. Rainy Day Woman by Bob Dylan


this is a perfect song for today..... it seems to be so drab........ ugh
"getcha' Rocks Off from the DEf LEppard E.P. a very grooving and rockin' song but the title is what my mother would call immature... thank you mom, thank you!!!!!


i Do not care, this song is AWESOME!!!!!

Well we were gettin' ready just the other night
When a knock on the dressing room door
Gave way to a leather jacket little girl
Who we'd never ever seen before
In her red satin dress and her high heeled shoes
Well she took us all by surprise
When she asked us what we wanted to do
Well she said it with her eyes
Just getcha rocks off

When we finally took the stage there she was
But she wasn't on her own
'Cos she brought some friends, maybe 5 or 6
Yeah she must have been on the phone
And when they started dancing and jumping around
Well we couldn't believe our eyes
'Cos they got the whole audience rockin'
And they got us paralyzed
Just getcha rocks off
Pour Some Sugar On Me off of the album Hysteria... this is the orig' vid' and original song...... Def LEppard has admitted, it is a horrid vidio...


i don't care if its crap. Def LEppard is Def Leppard and i'll love them no matter what they do!!! :)
Def LEppard's "Bringing on the Heartbreak" off of their High N' Dry album. but, this is not the one with the over-dubs, that is another story!!!!!


Def LEppard's firs version of ride into the sun off of their 1978 demo record called the def LEppard E.P.


there are many versions including a Hysteria demo and one on their album Retro Active!!! :D
Love bites off of the album Hysteria.... joe elliott claims that mutt had lost his verginity to this song, is that a joke....?


Steve clark's intro for gods of war during the hysteria tour, very beautiful and tear inducing!!! :)


Thank-you Steve for being such a inspiration!!!
Def LEppard's "anser to the master" off of their seccond album On through the night.....


Enjoy :)

    About Me

     Ever since I bought Hysteria at Wal*mart, I have fallen in love with Def Leppard.

       Their music is very interesting and inspirational. The guitar work is beautiful, and melodic. The voice is unique and sounds like no other, the music is just plain AWESOME! Hell, I used to make fun cause Rick was missing an arm, but when I got to love the band, I found out that he's my FAVORITE! Loos wise anyway. <3 I will forever love them all!

      And on a more personal note, Steve Clark is my Hero, and I hope to one day meet him in the afterlife. This world would be such a better place with him and it makes me cry to see him gone. But I can go on knowing the band can move forward with it, knowing he is in a much better place now. And if they can, I most definetly  can!

    Don't mind the date cause it'swrong but this is me! ^.^ taken on 11/9/12


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    A poem to Steve

    All I have got is your photograph, but, all I want to do is touch you.

       And your so far away, you're heavens child now.

       Out of the slums of the city, in the great past mother land, you rose to greats, and played the Les Paul.

       But, in a time of alcohol and despair, and from fame and fortune, you perished by body, but not from heart and soul.

      To be unique and talented, you have gained the attention of millions, and to be a fan is a great honor, and some wonder how you carry on.

      People die from drugs and alcohol, with or without intention, every single day.

      To be gone by body forever, is a tough fact to face!!!!

      So Steve, never Leave. Thousands seem to be lost and I was one of them.
    <3 -Brittany!!!

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