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Want to hear an interesting story? No? Well, too bad! I found myself constantly bashing my Mom for watching The Lord of The Rings since forever. It kind of reminds me of how I discovered The Beatles once upon a time. Well, anyway, I recently discovered a few unknown bands to me that you probably wont find unless you know what your looking for. Such as, Nelson, Tyrant, Glacier, Y&T, and a few others. But of course, the Hair, and NWOBHM fan that I am, I'm a sucker for blonde, blue-eyed, long-haired, baby faced men (In the rocker world, not actor.... but it does apply sometimes! Haha).. anyway, I noticed the Nelson brothers and I turned to my Mom and was like, "Dude, these guys look like gay Gelflings!". My Mom looked at me like I was crazy. Then I revised that up a bit, and I said, "Never mind, it's more like that Elf dude off of Lord of the rings" (More like Elv, DON'T fret my fellow Nerd friends, I know better now!). My Mom was like, "Legolas?" saying it completely wrong, as in the accent. I said, " I don't know the guys name, do I look like a nerd to you?!" and that's when my Legolas, and Elv obsession started! So needless to say, The Lord of the Rings trilogy are the best movies I have ever seen in my life... I cried about one, two...... Fifteen times! It happened when I thought Gandelf died. IT happended when Boromir got shot with three arrows and continued to fight until his death, even though he tried to take the ring. I cried when Haldir in the second movie, got hacked in the chest and back by an Orc, and died... Even, the Ending of the third movie broke my heart in good, and bad ways. I don't think I ever could watch those movies ever again because they are sad and touched my heart deep down inside. I have dedicated myself in learning the Elven language and have written down a shite load of words and lettering in my notebook. Okay folks, that seriously was not a joke. I can't wait until the Hobbit movies come out, I am so pumped. Well, since I spilled out my life story on Orlando Bloom and so on and hence forth, I am done!

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    About Me

     Ever since I bought Hysteria at Wal*mart, I have fallen in love with Def Leppard.

       Their music is very interesting and inspirational. The guitar work is beautiful, and melodic. The voice is unique and sounds like no other, the music is just plain AWESOME! Hell, I used to make fun cause Rick was missing an arm, but when I got to love the band, I found out that he's my FAVORITE! Loos wise anyway. <3 I will forever love them all!

      And on a more personal note, Steve Clark is my Hero, and I hope to one day meet him in the afterlife. This world would be such a better place with him and it makes me cry to see him gone. But I can go on knowing the band can move forward with it, knowing he is in a much better place now. And if they can, I most definetly  can!

    Don't mind the date cause it'swrong but this is me! ^.^ taken on 11/9/12


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    A poem to Steve

    All I have got is your photograph, but, all I want to do is touch you.

       And your so far away, you're heavens child now.

       Out of the slums of the city, in the great past mother land, you rose to greats, and played the Les Paul.

       But, in a time of alcohol and despair, and from fame and fortune, you perished by body, but not from heart and soul.

      To be unique and talented, you have gained the attention of millions, and to be a fan is a great honor, and some wonder how you carry on.

      People die from drugs and alcohol, with or without intention, every single day.

      To be gone by body forever, is a tough fact to face!!!!

      So Steve, never Leave. Thousands seem to be lost and I was one of them.
    <3 -Brittany!!!

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